You died! But because of what you have done in your life, you are not allowed to move on to the next stage yet! Not until you have paid for your sins...

How you might ask? By selling lemonade of course! Life and Death is thirsty work, and Angels and Demons alike will pay lives in exchange for them. Just gather 100 lives and your done!

How to play:

- Click and drag the cards into the slots in the middle row

- Make lemonade using the lemonade stand or build sources to generate more resources (recipes can be seen by clicking the ? button)

- NOTE! Once you place a card in a slot, it cannot be taken back/replaced, only removed


Background Music - Circus of Dread by Robert Austin

Fire SFX - Modified from Large Fireball Sounds by Mike Koenig

Art, programming, and the rest of the SFX were created by Random Thoughts

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